The state of Oregon. Shutting down small farmers..

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--- Quote ---If you have listened to the youtube video
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I'll go back and read the law.  I think it was supposed to be applied to people using water to grow/raise for sale.  It's a pretty old law.  I would not be at all surprised to find it is being applied broadly because that's what happens with these laws.  I also don't know if it has been updated from the original.

I am not in favor of the law, I just know it exists and am broadly familiar with it because I have water rights on one of my properties, but not from a well.  I have kept an eye on the well proposals because that would impact my home.

Ben Framed:

Thanks for posing this Jim 134. I might be mistaken but even in 'The former Soviet Union', 'as bad as it was', folks were allowed to raise their own food as well as others if they chose? Apparently 'Life", 'Liberty', and the 'Pursuit of Happiness' is not recognized in this woke society? Nor any part of the Declaration of Independence that they chose to ignore? Nor the laws of our land expressed in our Constitution? Aren't those which are implementing these Unconstitutional 'DECREES'', which are trampling on the rights of our Citizens, the very 'enemies' of OUR Constitution???  The very Constitution 'they' have sworn to uphold and protect? 'If so', what does that make these rogues?

   From what I understand... Many of these laws were rewritten..  Just recently.. And nothing was voted on by the people.. Sounds like the government wants full control . Of your food supply. At least in Oregon .. I'm just wondering what states will.. Follow the lead of Oregon ?? Also looks like the state of oregon is going to put water meters on your private wells.. So you will use only five hundred gallons a day.. Or five thousand gallons if you're commercial... This will be the end of small organic farms in my opinion.. In the state of oregon.. Which pass laws people did not even vote for  :angry: :angry:

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--- Quote ---So you will use only five hundred gallons a day.. Or five thousand gallons if you're commercial
--- End quote ---

It was proposed some years ago and didn't get far.  We should be a little careful about getting our info from youtube.  After all, those sites are after clicks so not always so accurate.

This particular alarm about water rights is justified though.  It has never been applied in the way it is now being applied.  Hopefully, attention to it makes a difference.  Most of Oregon is still rural even if it is often run by the clumpers in Portland. 

 People from the state can go on your private property and put water meters on your private well.. Fly Aircraft man or unman. Over your property.. Possibly for you doing something wrong.. Sounds very much like. Breaking the fourth amendment of the United States constitution to me.

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