The state of Oregon. Shutting down small farmers..

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--- Quote ---In most States, you have a right to reasonable use of water that flows through or is under your property ... apparently not in Oregon?
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In Oregon water is owned by the people.  In theory, that's a good thing.  In reality, it is owned by the people but regulated by the state and feds.  Our biggest problems have come from federal mandates for things like keeping livestock out of rivers, or letting irrigation water flow down river for some inedible fish.

--- Quote --- Do you believe they're all wrong?   
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Less about right and wrong and more about degrees.  I don't doubt for a moment that Oregon would love to control every drop of water we use.  Yes, they have proposed things like metering wells.  So far, we have stayed on top of them.  As for flying over properties, Google does that.  If I can't stop Google from taking pics of my place, I can't stop the state   :grin:

It is something to be aware of.  This woman got caught in an existing law that many did no know about and had not been enforced much.  Now we know.

This is a fairly comprehensive article about both issues.

     Looks like some people.  Have got pictures taking from satellites.

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--- Quote ---Looks like some people.  Have got pictures taking from satellites.
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