Lambs have arrived :)

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Got home today, had dinner with the family, and was about to settle into a relaxing evening. Fed the dogs and went to put the sheep in the barn as I do every night and there were only two waiting at the gate instead of the three ewes we have. Hmmmm...

Put the two that were waiting up and took a walk to find the third. Back in a sheltered area of the paddock I found Winter with her two youngsters with tails happily wagging and heads tucked under to get something for their bellies. Gave them a private suite in the barn for tonight

YES!  They are so beautiful!

Terri Yaki:
Nice! When I had sheep, they lambed around Christmas time, what's this all about?


--- Quote from: Terri Yaki on March 13, 2024, 11:01:42 pm ---Nice! When I had sheep, they lambed around Christmas time, what's this all about?

--- End quote ---

I just started with sheep a year and a half ago. Bought this ewe, another, and a ram then. The ewes weren't bred when we bought them that November but they were open and were vred within a few days. They each had a lamb Easter weekend last year. I noticed mating behavior in early/mid October last year which stopped by November. I was expecting them starting next week, but not knowing the mating date very precisely I figured anytime from this weekend to end of the month.

My sister, who loves all things ruminants, would like to know what breed they are, and, if they are wool sheep, do you shear yourself?


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