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After 50+ years in the bees I am being forced out of business by family.

Have 32 hives .
19- 10 frame single deep solid bottom
4- 10 frame double deep solid bottom
1- five fame nuk
2- 10 frame single deep with two honey supers over a queen excluder
4- 10 frame single deep with one honey super over a queen excluder
2- 10 frame single deep with a shallow super

Wood is is very good shape.
Honey supers should be full, some are for honey, most are for comb.

Many, many, many extra boxes, frames, bottom boards, inner covers, outer covers, queen excluders, inside feeders, solar wax melter, bees wax, wax foundation, wire embedding tools, veils, smoker, bee vacs, apiguard, oxalic acid, Johno vaporizer, smokers, tools, 10 frame medium boxs set up for 9 frames complete with drawn comb (kept in freezer)for honey, etc.

Bees were treated last year with apiguard and OAV.

Would like to sell as a whole.
Looking to trade for something of equal value.

Stainless is coming next, most is still new. Never got to build a honey house.

PM me for any details.

Sorry to hear you are getting out of bees, G3.  I wish you luck in whatever is coming next in your life, and please feel free to continue to contribute to the forum.  You may be losing your bees, but you will still have your expertise. 

what she said  :sad:

Ben Framed:
Same here G3, you have been a good and faithful member here at Beemaster for 'many' years, and you have posted 'many' 'good' and 'helpful' post. Your beekeeping knowledge if very valuable. Even though you are moving away from the bees, please continue your activity here and help us with your unreplaceable knowledge! I hope some lucky new and upcoming beekeeper finds this topic and contacts you for what it is that you offer!




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