Baby Goats on the Way!

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My sister's does are ready to give birth for the first time any day!  Bella's (the black doe's) due date is on the 4th and she is already showing some early signs, so she's locked in the kidding stall.  Prim's (the brown doe's) due date is the 9th.  This is the first time we've had kids born, and we are so excited!  If nothing gets going soon we'll be getting up overnight and checking on Bella to see if anything's happening.   


Good luck. Hope everything goes well.
Jim Altmiller

They're here!!  I was a late night last night.  Actually my sister didn't go to bed until 5:00 AM this morning.  I went to bed around 3:00 and slept only two hours before going out to relieve her.  The first baby was born at almost exactly midnight, and is a boy.  He's the all black one.  It was pretty rough on Bella, and my sister did have to help her out.  The second baby is a girl, she was born at 12:23 AM, and her birth was no trouble.  She's the one with white markings.  Bella was pretty freaked out by the babies at first, but she's figured out what the deal is with them now, and both babies are nursing and momma is recovering nicely. 

They are so cute and fun when they are little!


--- Quote from: Kathyp on March 11, 2021, 11:38:35 am ---They are so cute and fun when they are little!

--- End quote ---
I know!  We are having a blast with them, they are up and running and jumping around in the pasture (under supervision) now, and they are a total riot.   

Why is it that Kathy is the only one to respond to this post?!  I guess crotchety old men don't care about cute baby goats.  :wink: :cheesy:

Our other doe kidded last night, and she had a boy and a girl as well.  My sister is planning on keeping Bella's girl to add to the herd and selling Prim's girl.  We're going to wether (castrate) the boys and either sell them as well or raise them for meat.   


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