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Author Topic: NATIONAL CRAB MEAT DAY  (Read 271 times)

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« on: March 09, 2023, 11:11:21 am »
What do you call the greatest crab artist that ever lived?
Leonardo da Pinci.

What is a crab's favorite fruit?
The crab apple, of course!

What?s it called when a crab walks to its part-time job?
A side hustle.

How do you know when a crab has had too much fizzy drink?
It starts to walk in a straight line.

Why did the crab keep all the seaweed to itself?
Because it was shellfish!

How did the limpet cross the river?
She took a taxi crab.

Customer, holding a crab under his arm: "Waiter, waiter, do you make crab cakes?"
Waiter: "Yes, we sure do." Customer: "Good, because it?s his birthday."

Why was the crustacean so unhappy?
His mom was being really crabby.

What do you call a crab that's afraid of small spaces?

Where do crabs go to borrow money?
A prawn broker.

Why don't crabs like basketball?
They're afraid of the net!

What do crabs need to stay healthy?
Vitamin Sea.

What?s a crab's favorite part about pizza?
That crust taste, son!

Did you hear the crab president's speech?
It was really crabtivating.

Which chemical element accounts for the largest part in the body of crabs?

Why do crabs do poorly in school?
They have a limited vocrabulary.

What did the cannibal crab have for its birthday?
Crab cake.

How did the crabs respond when the chef told them they were being served for dinner?
They were really steamed.

What do you call a crab that's green and sings but likes to stay home?
A Kermit crab.

Where do crabs go when they need to catch public transport?
The Bustacean.

What does the crab president call his trusted advisors?
His Crabinet.

What did the crab police officer say when it pulled over a speeding shrimp?
"You have to abide by the claw."
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