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Author Topic: NATIONAL FLAPJACK DAY  (Read 297 times)

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« on: March 07, 2023, 01:13:28 pm »
I tried making pancakes...
But I ended up with flapjacks instead. I guess I used too much synonym

Have you guys seen the movie about Flapjacks?
Don't. It was critically panned.

I?m making a coat out of pancakes.
I call it my flapjacket.

Wife: We just ate, why are you making pancakes?
Me: They're for the dogs.
Wife: Why are you making pancakes for the dogs?
Me: They don't know how.

My wife makes my flapjacks too thin.
Tomorrow morning I am telling her I am sick of her crepe.

Psychiatrist: What brought you here?
Patient: My wife sent me here because I like flapjacks.
Psychiatrist: There's nothing wrong with that, I like flapjacks, too.
Patient: Excellent! Come to my place, I have seven suitcases full of them!

You know why the flapjack king lost his kingdom?
Cuz he was usyruped.

How do you get up on a horse made of flapjacks?
Using the syrups.

A six-year-old said grace at family dinner one evening. "Dear God, thank You for the flapjacks."
When she concluded, her mother asked her why she thanked God for flapjacks when they were having chicken-pot-pie.
She smiled and said, "I thought I would check to see if He was paying attention."

A young man was in love with two women and could not decide which of them to marry. Finally he went to a marriage counselor. When asked to describe his two loves, he noted that one was a great poet and the other made delicious flapjacks...
"Oh." said the counselor. "I see what the problem is. You can't decide whether to marry for batter or verse."

Customer: Waiter, I?m in a hurry! Will the flapjacks be long?
Waiter: No sir, our flapjacks are round.

Did you hear about the angry flapjack?
He just flipped.

Why did the flapjack get arrested?
It had committed multiple unwaffle actions.

Not sure what to do with the leftover pancake mix...
Should I throw it away or do you have a batter idea?

Me: I'll have a stack of 24 flapjacks, please
Waitress: That's a tall order!

When I went to the park today, I saw an old man sitting on a park bench crying.
I asked him what was wrong.
He replied, "I have a beautiful 22 year old wife at home. She rubs my back every morning, and then gets up and makes me pancakes, fresh fruit and freshly ground coffee."
I asked, "Well then, why are you crying?"
He says, "She makes my favourite lunch of soup and brownies, and then watches TV with me for the rest of the afternoon."
Confused, I ask again, "Then why are you crying?"
He goes on saying, "For dinner, she makes me a gourmet meal with wine and my favourite dessert and we go to sleep together."
Finally, I ask, "Then why in the world are you crying?"
He replies tearfully, "I can't remember where I live!"

Did you hear about the guy who didn't like people watching him eat flapjacks?
He always ate them syruptitiously.
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