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Author Topic: Nat'l Cereal day  (Read 280 times)

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Nat'l Cereal day
« on: March 07, 2023, 11:21:01 am »
Fruit Loops is putting marshmallows in their cereal like Lucky Charms
I guess Toucan play that game

What is a British person's favourite cereal?

What brand of cereal is the strongest??
Mini Wheats, because they?re shredded.

When I was at the grocery store, I asked an employee where the cereal was, and he said, "I'll see." And walks off. 5 minutes later, I asked another employee about the cereal, and he too said, "I'll see," and walks off.
I eventually found it myself. It was in aisle C.

Cereal first or milk first?
Neither. Bowl first.

Whats a cat's favorite cereal??
Mice Crispies

Never pour cereal down the sink.
It Kellogg's up your drain.

What is an English teachers favorite cereal?
Synonym toast crunch

Box of cereals walks into a bar.
Sorry, we don't serve your kind.
- Is it because I'm square ?
No, it's the bar code.

All of the staff at the CoCo pops factory were murdered last night
They say it was the work of a Cereal Killer.

What is Gepetto's favorite cereal?
I know you think it's Pinnochi-o's, but it's actually Cheerios. They're whittle o's. Though I guess both woodwork.

What's Hodor's favorite breakfast cereal?
Raisin Bran.

Which is the number 1 cereal brand in Asgard?

What is the number 2 cereal on Asgard?
Loki Charms

Eating cereals for dinner.
It's the breakfast of tomorrow, today!

I was banned from the Chex cereal factory for yelling oddly specific, and degrading comments at the cereal machines. I am now on a list that bars me from entering any General Mills facility for the rest of my life.
That's right.
I'm a registered Chex offender.

There's a guy sneaking around in grocery stores in my town dropping chunks of dry ice in boxes of cereal.
We're being attacked by a cereal chiller!

Have you heard about the 80?s pop duo who are now working in cereal distribution?
They?re haulin? oats.

What do you call someone who really likes to talk about cereals?
A keen oat speaker.

How does Reese eat her cereal?

How can you tell if your cornflakes are counterfeit?
You check the cereal number.

What cereal makes fun of you but doesn?t mean it?
We tease.

My cereal bowls suck.
Because they breakfast.

What?s a Mexican?s favorite cereal?
Special Que.

What type of cereal does your Grandma eat?

General Mills had to recall one of their most popular cereals a few months back.
There was a glitch in the May Trix.

What do you call it when you want to have the same breakfast every day?
Cereal monogamy.
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