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We just started out with one, then the addiction hit. Now we have 3 and looking to have at leat 10 buy Dec. Hope to have 50 by next year!!!! I love this Stuff.

Started with 2 hives 12 months ago. One a captured feral and the other a nuc from a breeder of pure Italians.

I have just been swamped with cut-outs and swarms in the space of 1.5 weeks and I now have 8. I will have 10 by the end of the weekend with another 1 the following weekend from cut-outs. I have had to take myself off the local list of swarm collectors as I was unable to keep up with the need for boxes and frames.

I am going to look for a semi-permanent location for the hives with a view to having them pay for themselves through honey and pollination.

Had 1 hive for many years and sad to say let it go its own way on a mates block.

Back home now and did my first split last Friday with my first purchased queen in cage added to nuc.

Checked them today Monday and queen is almost out of cage. I think she will be out tomorrow.

The remaining frames in my first box have still no brood or larvae and I still can't find the queen after 4 or 5 inspections.

May have to add another caged queen.

Hope to multiply hives this year..

Watch this space......

I'm finishing up my first season with 5 hives. Plan is next year to double that with splits plus what ever comes in from swarm traps etc and then double that again the following year then sit at 50 to 60 hives. I am looking at placing most of my hives in small permanent yards of 10 or so around the local area. I'm not looking at full scale production, more a sideline to bring in a little extra cash :-D Planing to spend this winter building boxes and frames & looking forward to next year.

Just joined this forum. Have been keeping bees in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans for over a year with only one hive. After evacuating and returning it for Hurricane Isaac I lost it when they unexpectedly started a new house construction right beside it. I'm not getting huge but there is substantial growth so far this year. I bought two packages and shortly afterwards found someone local and bought two more nucs. Shortly after that I ended up doing three removals within a month. e small and I did not get the queen so I added the bees to the nucs. The last one was a good size colony and I got the queen. I have gone from 1 down to 0 and now back up to 5 hives in the last year. All are doing well.


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