Ever eaten Gar fish?

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We love to eat gar. Most people call them a "trash" fish. I would highly recommend trying some the next time you have the opportunity. What we do is open them up from the top right down the middle. They have two "back straps" in them. Take them out, cut them up into 1" chunks, bread and fry like fish nuggets. The meat is not like fish. It's tougher. Almost compares to gator in my opinion. These are long nose gar that we eat. We don't have alligator gar around here. Most people don't eat them because there hard to clean, and bony. Well those back straps are completely boneless. I don't fool with the rest of the fish, but I know people that do. Also I should mention that the eggs of a gar are pretty toxic. If you catch a fish with eggs. Just simply don't eat them, handle it with care and everything is A okay. Give it a shot. I promise you won't be disappointed. Thank me later.

I have ate a couple when I was a kid.  We used to get a couple wraped up in out limb lines.   We used to hook some pretty big snapping turtles also but I don't remember ever eating them.  I always heard they were a bugger to clean.  If I remember correctly, the gar were at thier tenderest while really still hot.

What do you use to make the intial cut?  Do you try to scale the top first or maybe use snips? 

I've eaten Gar fish and a fair amount of other fish which are considered trash and honestly I'm glad most people won't even try these fish since it means there's always plenty more for me.

Mike I did actually use snips. But I bet one could carefully open up the fish straight down the back with a sharp knife.


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