Does any body hunt with dogs?

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I went off talking about hog hunting with dogs in the timber Rattlers thread and it made me wander how many dog hunters we have on here. Weather you run hounds for Coons, or beagle's for rabbits I'd like to hear about it. Me, I used to coon hunt (heavily) with walker coonhounds, now I hog hunt with cur dogs.

I've been a coon hunter for about 30 years give or take. I've always run walkers but I have a nice little red tick English now.

Do you run papered dog's? Not that it matters. I did though. My best walker was a dog out of wessels wild card, and a female named deanwoods hali. I like an English dog myself. Have you ever heard of a red English dog named big river Dan?

My dog before this one was a beagle.  I got him as a pup that could barily climb a blade of grass.  I hunted rabbits with him of about his ten year life.  He was not in the greatest of health during the last three or four years of his life.  When young, he could run all day but near the end four hours and he could not climb in the car.  I used to make fun of my wife because she took all the care of him, wormed him picked his ticks and yada yada yada.  I could get his attention by just showing him a gun.  My opinion of the day he died was that he ran hisself to death.  He was a house dog and we had to go on a trip and so he was outside at my dads and with the freedom to run all day and the heat, he only lasted a day or two.  All the kids and wife cryed.  Most beagles I have been around are just the best natured dogs I know of.  They also are some of the worst to get to come to you if they are running rabbits untill they are just so wore out that they have no choice.

You ask
Ps  When young we used a blue tic and a red bone a couple of times to try and hunt rabbits with with only small successes but still success.

Beagle's have an excellent tempement for sure. There viscous though if they ever happen to catch up to the rabbit. I've seen it.....and your right about them not wanting to come to you when hunting. It's pretty much impossible to call them off of a track. I haven't ever owned any beagle's for rabbit hunting, but my friend has a bunch of good ones, and my grandparents had 2 that were just yard dogs. I like them. I live on the river and the folks that own a huge tract of land on the other side run beagle's all day long during season and it sure is nice to sit and listen to when I'm up early drinking coffee. Ahhhhh.


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