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Post by: Robo on December 23, 2010, 09:26:53 am
Welcome to our beekeeping forum,  we hope you enjoy it.  In order to keep these forums family-friendly and an enjoyable place, we have a few simple rules we ask you to follow.

1) Please make at least one post to the forum within 2 weeks of joining.  There seems to be an influx on bot and spammers joining the forum lately, and any account that doesn't have a real post within 2 weeks will be deleted.   If you have questions or need help,  contact an admin by CLICKING HERE (;sa=send;u=55)

2) Please take a few minutes and review the forum bylaws by CLICKING HERE (,19652.0.html).  Every member is expected to follow the bylaws,  and ignorance is not an excuse.

Looking forward to your active participation in our beekeeping discussions.