Feeding bees for winter

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WA copped it this year. We still have a good flow on where I am on the east coast.  The rains in summer made all the difference. The flooded gums are full of flowers and will keep giving for a while yet.

Last year, I put the sugar syrup baggies under the roof, on top of the crown board or the lino mat. That way you can quickly check in winter without the bees getting cold.
It works well if you just have a few hives.

I really need to go and have a chat at my local apiary store and enquire what others are doing around here. I thought it was just my particular location that copped it. My bees rely on mostly weeds in winter and spring, and native red gums in summer. The red gums flowered as usual but must have been low on nectar production. Some say if it rains in summer it will wash the nectar away but it always rains a bit in summer and I don?t think that was the issue.

I have a wooden tray on top with a round plastic feeder that takes 1.7L of liquid feed. One of the hives gobbled that up in less than 12 hours and had to make sure it was not cracked and leaking.

I think Skeggley is in WA, not sure if near you. Maybe he will chip in with some experience.

I was on a local WA beekeepers Facebook group with some 2000+ members but it was full of nasty and unfriendly people so I mostly get my updates from my local apiary supplies shop. Not a great beekeeping community here in Perth unfortunately.

You can ask as many questions as want here on BeeMaster. We have a lot of very experienced beekeepers and a lot of new beekeepers who are wanting to know the answers to the questions you ask. We love to answer questions no matter how basic. We had to start out and ask questions in order to learn beekeeping.
Jim Altmiller


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