Shiitake Mushrooms

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bee pro
It is fairly easy to get them started, just harder to get them to fruit with out some kind of contamination showing its ugly head.

I am using bird seed instead of rye.
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I am trying to clean up some mycelium on ager cause I keep getting penicillin on the shiitaki.
I have about six 5 lbs bulk bags of shiitaki, king and pheonix oyster going and am about two weeks in on them.

It is all fun if you have a little time to play with.

Bee pro, that gives me some ideas, thank you.

gww, good luck! Update, please!

Yes, I do have my own mushroom business and I?m successful. It is not that hard to grow shiitake mushroom. Back in 2015, I bought shiitake mushroom logs from Agrinoon, provides mushroom products, for my business and it went well after implementing so many experiments. Their website is . They too helped me out to grow one more mushroom type and that is Oyster mushroom log and I?m enjoying it. Everybody loves it and who doesn?t like to enjoy this delicious and healthy food. I love to experiment with new things in my business and who knows if one of my experiments will work and help my business grow more profitably. It will sure take some time to get your fruitful result and you should definitely listen to some podcasts related to growing mushrooms, read books and then take action.

I've spoken to several restaurant owners who want a steady supply of mushrooms in my area.  Seems like a opportunity hard to pass up.  Looking into larger production.

Awesome post. Too bad I'm too late to jump in the conversation. I was thinking of adding some shitake mushroom clogs around the yard where I keep my bees. We love collecting them from the forest, but with my wife's recent leg injury it will be harder from now on to stroll in the forest like we've been doing all these years. I have actually looked into getting her some medicinal mushrooms from the land down under as a remedy and an attempt to help her heal faster. If you think it's a good idea please let me know or if you have tried similar products before.


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