Vet says Christa has lymphoma.

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We got the results back from the vet today. Christa, our service dog has lymphoma. Last week her lips of her right jaw were hanging down real bad and her eyes looked funny. The gland her neck got really large. The vet gave us eye drops  With the eye drops the lymph nodes were getting smaller. . They seemed to help. Today her eye and lip were hanging again. Tonight her eyes are glassed over. I went to take her outside and she started walking into walls. I careful led her out. I had to call her name over and over and over so that she could follow my voice. I just took her out again to go number 2 and this time she kept walking in circles. Again I had to call her name constantly to get her back to the house. She seems to be getting worse by the minute. 😥 Right now she is sleeping.

I know it's hard to do, but you have to say 'BYE eventually. I lost my pal about 4 years ago and still grieve.

My wife got up this morning to take care of Wesley and came back in the room and said that Christa was dead. Her neck was ridged. I got up to take care of her. We saw a real slight chest movement. I thought she was on her last moments and started petting her. After about 10 minutes she lifts her head. A few minutes later she got up. I walked her out side and she did pretty well. I guided her back in and she is now sleeping in Wesley?s room.

So sorry to hear the bad news Jim.  I think the loss of a service dog is even harder to take.

Thanks Brian.
Much harder. Today she is also having a hard time walking and her head is cocked to the right. We just picked up Predison and gave her her first pill. Hopefully it will help her a little.


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