We came from where?

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jerrymac, if you need no leader, you may be a leader.  sometimes one has no choice in the matter.  if you choose not to follow, chances are, people will end up following you  :-D

the story of creation is a bit like the story of the flood.  all cultures have a creations story of some kind.  it is only "enlightened" people who try to explain away the easiest expansion.

as for where we came from....if you accept the idea of a creation, then the idea of a biblical creation is as good as any.  the bible has some advantages....even though there are provisions for a hell for those who are bad, we do not need to worry that we are an experiment, or organ farm, for some alien species.   :evil:

Not sure from where, but they were in Europe many time ago.

"The morning of the 27th of July of 2007, in the first weeks of the new
excavation season of the Sierra de Atapuerca, has been crucial for this scientific debate. The Atapuerca research team has just found a human premolar in the TE9 level of the Sima del Elefante site. This tooth represents the oldest human fossil remain of occidental Europe. Now we finally have the anatomical evidence of the hominins that fabricated those tools more than one million years ago."

English version in "enter".

oh people...haven't you seen the stargates?


We can see that these people were not antediluvians.
So, they have been hunting in Spain, France, Germany, England and China without flood during 1.300.000 years.

If the Indians from Peru had a legend about the flood too, and the Indians are in America 30.000 years ago, the flood legend was originated when the humans lived together and spoke only one idiom. (Ole, what have I said?  :-D)

I think you all are forgetting - if we are speaking of NOAH'S FLOOD, it could have been one of many catosprophoc flood out of hundreds of thousands of equally devastating floods thousands of year earlier and many floods for millions of years - LONG AFTER EARLIER CIVILIZATIONS died from a previous flood.

Closest we see are Tsunamis which are so devastating. FACT: Number one DEATH TO HUMANS from "WEATHER EVENTS" is MUDSLIDES - people are trapped alive by caved-in hillsides and mountains and floods, and imagine how many whole civilizations could have dealt with Hurricanes, Tornados, drought and famine. We see a lot of it in the news each night - but it hardly addresses that sad issue of todays hunger in the world. I can only image for a million years, how many others died a similar flooded death? No one knows how many plagues traveled the Earth, maybe a million plagues wiped out a million civilizations.

Equality is important, I think we are doing pretty good today as a species, I hope we are around a long time and still evolving mentally - we do have neat toys today - weither you are a couch potato or a soldier, you have some neat weapons when you enter war. Of course the virtual soldier (couch potato) can stuff his face with food and gun down a dozen men, I doubt the solider has that luxury.

So I think I hear you have a 1in72 chance of dying in a mudslide or flood waters event. That is pretty amazing, you cannot compare that to the great records of AIR passenger safety.

I think man will kill himself off some day in the distant future, unless as promided Jesus returns to separate us all out VERY quickly. Like a stepthen King book - Bam!, you are gone. Scary choices if you are not living a good life - I just do my best, have faith and always look at things on the sunnier side. The Americans here are vast for affluent to poverty incomes, all ages and demographics - we are a melting pot of the real poor, misfortunate, comfortable, luxurious and wealth.

We have members handicapped and handicapable, people doing amazing things without help from others - hurting in every muscle the next day, but 60 pounds richer in honey for doing it :)

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Sorry for the shameless plug - lol. I got got off in a tangent. My reply in one sentence though, how many civilizations over a million years have seen planetary flood? I imagine early along, you were little more than a tribe, near fresh water and hunting to survive - communal life with structure. And it remained that way often for 5 thousand years, then a world wide flood (even a catostrophic localized flood that killed entire civilizations of villages out, would be worthy of adding - so I believe Earth has seen MANY CATOSTROPHIC FLOODS, with Noah's the most notable (finally one survived out of all the previous flooded civiizations had few remains. There I finally finished - lol. Peace to all.


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