bwahahaha! any border collie "sports" fans here??? Agility??? Flyball???


Count on a problematic Lurker to throw in some chaos, lol!

But seriously, we do consider dog sports a Sport! hehe! And one never knows...I might find a Beek who loves their Dog sports and competes!

Me and Eluane do!

My favorite Sports star to watch is Bernadette Bay who is competing in the World Championships this year (she's a long-time competitor). Our AKC World Team from the U.S. will be competing as well. I have divided loyalties. And the Competiiton is this upcoming weekend! I want our Team to clean up the Gold but last year we lost to the Brits, but I do want Bernadette to win in the Individual medals, lol! She's from England as well. Just a sweet, wonderful person!

We started in agility with my red and white BC a few months ago--not competing yet, but I certainly have been bitten by the bug (or stung by the bee, to keep in line with the forum)... ;)

Yayyy, and hurrrrrayyyy! So glad to meet you, Mdaniels! I knew I'd find someone eventually!

Where are you at??? I'm stuck in Kansas and can only afford to compete either in Kansas City or in Lawrence, but I have lots of friends in the UK who do dog agility...One of my really good friends is Tim Dyer, a MACH handler, trainer and instructor, AKC ring captain whom I met online. Even though we never met face-to-face, I will still text and email whenever I get into panic zone or need help with my training. He lives in Chicago, and we are the only three Americans who belong to that forum that I know of.

I love red and white BCs! be sure to include photos!


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