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Author Topic: What Can You Do If a Mob Surrounds Your Car?  (Read 4283 times)


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What Can You Do If a Mob Surrounds Your Car?
« on: November 20, 2023, 09:35:43 pm »
Hi Folks,

This AM I asked Ben and 15 if I could post a link to a YouTube video to 2A about a timely self-defense issue.

I was advised that due to a naughty word or two in that video that I shouldn't actually *link* that video but provide sufficient information that anyone so disposed could possibly find it, or not, on YouTube, all by themselves, so they could then not watch it.

I would think that if one were to go to YouTube, and type in random letters and/or words that sort of look like those letters and words in this post heading that many video(s) would show up. Then, scan the list for something like *Washington Gun Law*. That that might narrow down your search. DON'T OPEN THAT VIDEO RIGHT AWAY! Courage!

If you are fortunate/unfortunate enough to find what MIGHT be that naughty video, with that naughty word, you could actually watch and listen to that video to verify it is the one.

IF you do happen upon that naughty word video, please be prepared to BLOCK YOUR EARS should that naughty word be mentioned by a well fed, long haired. pro-terrorist ne'er- do-well participant in a mob chase.

I do hope you are not successful in your search. Those words sting like a bee.


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Re: What Can You Do If a Mob Surrounds Your Car?
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2023, 09:49:41 pm »
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Re: What Can You Do If a Mob Surrounds Your Car?
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2023, 10:20:01 pm »
That is true Sal, you did. I am happy that 'you' have 'opened the door' to our 'private' PMs of earlier today, 'publicly' now!  Thanks for having the courtesy to ask before your posted this morning.  I confess I never took a look at your video but accepted your words at face value. Reagan did watch it and confirmed your requested video of having vulgar words contained. I gave you my answer accordingly. And Reagan gave you her answer in her own words and thoughts as well.

Quoting  Sal:
"Hi 15, Ben,

There are several bad words in this video. Is it inappropriate to post it in 2A? It's timely and informative.



My answer:

Sal thanks for asking, It has pained me many times that I was not allowed to post very relevant videos because of bad language contained. Maybe you can give brief description of what's inside, and instead of posting the video link, copy and post the video title, that way anyone interested can google the title and should be able to find it your video..


The reason for NO PROFANITY iS plainly written in the bylaws...


This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY FORUM – if you have no idea what that means; I'll explain. You are expected to keep your  language "and content" so that the youngest member of a family can read your posts WITHOUT the need of supervision by a parent or elder. This does not mean that parents should allow their kids to run free here or on any website on the Internet, but it is YOUR responsibility to be FRIENDLY to members of all ages, both in the wording and the meaning of your posts.

Some posts or replies can have wording that can easily go over the heads of younger members, be careful in this fact and do not use it as a tool in creating your posts. Keep in mind at all times that just because you intend a certain member to read and reply to your post, doesn't mean that EVERY member can also read that post: you need to understand, light adult content occurs and is acceptable, generally speaking we are adults to the most parts - but even adults are often offended by off-color remarks and any member at any age has equal protection against offensive "content".

Reagan and I discussed your request Sal and 'WE' 'almost', 'yes almost', made an exception to break the bylaws with a warning clause, because as Reagan so wisely pointed out,  the the video might save someone's life.  We have bent over backward in our efforts to help all members keep these rules in mind concerning the Family Friendly Rules "WE" also have tried to do the same within our own post.  "Together we as a Team" here at Beemaster 'have and are' continuing to make 'every effort' to keep Beemaster Forums moving forward in the direction John Clayton himself, founder of Beemaster, prefered we go. This is "why he chose Jim Altmiller" to succeed himself, as he knew he could "trust Jim" to keep Beemaster intact, with the wholesomeness that John himself has instilled here. And to Jims credit he has...   

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Re: What Can You Do If a Mob Surrounds Your Car?
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2023, 10:50:05 pm »
Thanks for asking prior to posting that video. It is a good video and I?m really sorry that they didn?t bleep out the reality foul language that prevents it from being posted on BeeMaster.
The way you did is just fine.
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