Bee Related - how much are you paying for Gas?

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I was reading Beefree saying $2.13 a gallon for gas and how it can effect how many trips you might take to a distant bee-yard. Good point if your bees are 40 miles away, that can be about $20 just to inspet them if you own a gas hog - wow.

So the question is (and I think this post will be around for a while - I'll move it to POLLING FORUM soon) and as we NEAR the National Boycott Gas Day...

How much are you paying for gas???

NOTE: Remember USAers... This is an International Forum, don't be too suprised when you see SOME of the prices people are pay already!!!

With gas prices what they are we have abandoned Kare's gas powered suv. We now are doing all our driving in my diesel powered pickup and paying $1.65.9 for diesel.
Also I no longer mow the whole lawn, just 50 feet around the house 5 feet along our 400 foot driveway, and since the back yard is nearly all perennial flower garden I mow all that is left there.
May just plow up what is not going to be mowed any more and plant wild flowers never to mow again.
  I think gas prices will come down again but only to about $1.80 per gallon. But I base that on the prices finally stalling out at $2.50.
 :D Al

John ( Beemaster ) paid $1.87 yesterday and today the same station was at $2.05 - as he says, for the same gas in the same tank, not NEW GAS they had to buy, but for gas they already paid for. That should be against the law.

But the a short trip down the road ( we have 40 stations in a 8 mile area ) I saw $1.84 to $2.07 for regular - what a swing and several of these stations were at opposite intersections of each other, how on Earth can they compete when charging 15 cents a gallon more for the same octane?

I don't doubt we'll see $3.00 a gallon by Summer's End - we already decided to make shorter trips with the motorhome this year, at 10mpg that trip to Virginia we took last Summer would cost more for fuel then for RV PARK rates for the stay. So this year we will be visiting the more scenic mountainous areas of the state, Deleware Water Ga, High Point, Etc., and enjoying the company of friends who will be using their new RV this year with us!



Prob should have been in jokes but I couldn't resist

Too funny.... :lol:
I was just telling the fellah at our local plant nursery yesterday, instead of buying a new mower which we need, and filling it with gas, maybe I'd just get some goats!!! 8)   In all seriousness, I thought about throwin my layer hens in a chicken tractor and letting them mow.  I guess i'd just have to pay attention to moving them sooner than later!!!  Sorry to get off-subject of bees :shock:  :D


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