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Didn?t see this thread yet.

I?ve had maples and daffodils on bloom for about two weeks now. Looks like the peach and Bradford wont be far behind.

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Oy, you are right!  We were all kind of bad at Follow the Bloom last year, so let's all pledge to be better this year!  :grin:  I'll sticky it.

I've got some kind of pollen coming in, I assume it's maples and/or willows.  We don't have any on our property and I haven't been anywhere this past week to check.  Some daffodils are budded.  My pussie willow stick I planted last year has 3 buds and 1 little fuzzy kitten.  :cheesy:

Bill Murray:
The pear trees busted 2 days ago, my citrus are trying. And Im way behind on swarm prevention due to the weather.

Unusually warm right now waiting for the other shoe to drop and get another cold snap. That said I've been seeing daffodils on south facing slopes of hills, tulip leaves are coming up in my flower bed, clover is turning thick and green with a couple flowers I saw in a customer's yard last week. Today I saw that some of the Bradford pears are opening buds. Not full flowers but only a couple days away from that

Pear trees are blooming here also, Willow trees are buzzing with bees.
Jim Altmiller


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