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Terri Yaki:
I never noticed that with ours as a kid and don't have any anymore. We had Great Danes and they were pretty impressive hunters of squirrels, groundhogs pulled right out of their borrows and even pulled a pheasant out of the air once. Like a cat, she always left her prey at the back door but I never saw a snake there. In my area, all they would have been would be garter snakes. I feel bad when I hit one of then with the weedeater.

Ben Framed:
Ok, lol,  I will rephrase, have any of you who live in rural areas with a >variety of snakes< noticed that a >good< yard dog feels the need to eradicate them all? He doesnt care if they are poisonous or not. He instinctively knows something is sinister about each one. He is precautions and on his toes when encountering >any< snake without prejudiced or being taught. His God given instincts tell him something is definitely wrong with a snake.
Notice I emphasized a >good< yard dog. Some are dumb as dirt. I once had a pitbull dog named Buddy who fit in this category. I witnessed him, smell a copperhead nose to face, with snake in striking position, to only obtain a bite in the face. He definitely did not Fit into the >good< yard dog category, for my location. lol even after his head was twice the normal size   :shocked: :wink: lol.

Hi Folks,

It's a curse,... this reptile disfunction.


We used to have a cat that brought live snakes into the house and turn them loose. Often times my son would call my Judy when she was at work. She would ask what color is the snake. It was usually a black snake. A Black Racer.
She would tel him to see where it goes so that she could find it when she gets home.
We also had a cat that brought in live frogs and turn them loose. She taught our dog to catch them and take them back outside.
I was out to sea most of the time so Judy had to learn how to deal with the critters by herself.
One day during a six month cruise, she was walking to the front door with 2 brown grocery bags in her arms. She heard what she thought was a cicada as she approached the door. Luckily the door was to the right and she saw a six foot rattle snake on the door step. She ended up trapping it with a pool net until a snake expert came and got it. She?s tough.
Jim Altmiller

Terri Yaki:
She is tough, congratulations.


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