New Method of controlling Small Hive Beetles?

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Ben Framed:
I haven't watched it yet; Have any of you viewed the informational video put out 'just this morning' by Bob Binnie Titled: "Possible New Hive Beetle Control " .

Description as follows:
"Dr. Lewis Bartlett from The University of Georgia shares new research and interesting new ideas on possible Small Hive Beetle control.
Recorded at the Georgia Beekeepers Association fall convention 2022."


Bill Murray:
I just finished watching it. It was interesting. I will be following this closely.

Ben Framed:
Thanks Bill, I intend on watching it today also.


Bill Murray:
What I thought was interesting based on the research already done, is (correct me if I am wrong) the grubex can be used under the hives without any ill effect on the bees.

Jimboomba honey:
I have been doing some research on this, I?m finding it hard to find the relevant formulas that have been used in pollen Pattie?s. How much to add that is safe. If anyone knows please share this with me thankyou


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