Whats Going On At Ford?

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Ben Framed:
Is This True?  Surely NOT? Anyone here know for sure?

Both are probably made in China.  In the interest of fuel savings weight is taken out of all cars produced today and into the future.  There are no grease fittings on the metal version (common today) so longevity is unknown which will last longer.  In a no maintenance situation I would bet on the plastic.

Michael Bush:
I've seen "no maintenance" systems all my life replace ones that allow you to maintain them.  They never last longer.  When I finally retired my 1970 ford van after more than a half million miles, it still had the original front wheel bearings (which I could pack) and I had replaced the rear (sealed maintenance free) bearings more times than I can remember.  I can still remember a lot of long hikes with an axel on my shoulder to go buy a new sealed bearing and have it pressed on.  Same with fans.  You used to always have a spot you could oil the bearings and those lasted forever.  None of the new ones have such a thing and I'm lucky if they last a year.  I'm more than happy to maintain things.  I'm not happy when I have to replace them because I couldn't maintain them.  Plastic has gotten much better over the years to where in SOME applications it will outlast other materials.  But mostly metal will still outlast it.  Sometimes by a lot.

A lot of items today are designed to have a short lifespan. I have repaired a lot of electrical equipment that had a soldered in fuse that I would bet was designed to open after a certain number of hours. When something electrical fails the first thing I check is the fuse.
It used to bee fuses were on the outside and designed to be able to bee replaced, now they are soldered in and not even marked as a fuse.
Jim Altmiller

Both of my little dehydrators needed new thermal fuses.  Fixing things is one real use of the internet and makes dumb guys a bit smarter.  I must say that solder is high as heck to buy these days though.  Everything is a made to throw away.  I do say that cars last longer now even with normal maintenance of the old ones.  I am still driving and using the old  1950 ford 8n and working on getting the 1985 back hoe to get it back in use as it has been down for about two years.


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