Apparently, I have nothing better to do.

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I have no tractor at all.

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--- Quote from: BeeMaster2 on August 16, 2022, 05:52:17 am ---I bought  a 1980 Case 580C backhoe for a very good price,

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Gee Jim it looks mint.  Did you paint it as part of the rebuild.  My guess is that you put more into it then your initial payment.


--- Quote from: .30WCF on August 16, 2022, 08:52:09 am --- I?ve been thinking about a little subcompact tractor with a bucket for around the house. Then just grab some attachments as needed.

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Best thing I ever purchased when we bought the house.  I had two old fords up north. Only one with a one way bucket.  It is surprising what you can do with a small tractor.

I Mom has an old John Deere 410b that for 20+ years, I at least kept it going fixing small things but it has set for going on three years now cause it burst one of the big hoses that is in a place that I can not figure out how to remove it.  The brakes have been out for the last two years we used it but in low you can control it with the forward and back lever.  I had just put a starter and alternator on it right before the hose broke.  I feel a little guilty of not getting it going this time.  I don't believe I am smart enough to go quite as deep as you had if the hose has me befuddled.  It has super slow hydraulics and don't think it is quite good enough to spend what it would take.  Mom keeps going though spells of buying another one but is 80 years old but it would not surprise me if she ends up with one.  They are nice if you own land though, right jim.  You have a nice place and now a nice backhoe.

On one of the hoses, left right swing, we had to buy a set of crowfoot open end wrench?s to bee able to get it off. Look it up on Amazon, it might bee what you need.
As for the hydraulics being sluggish, you can either add some Seafoam or dump the oil and run straight diesel in it for a couple of hours. They both break down any thick oil or grease that may have gotten in there.
My buddy had an old tractor that he put too much grease in the three point lift arms. The hydraulics stopped working. I told him about the diesel and it cleaned it out perfectly.
You may have stuck pump plungers and the diesel will probably help. Seafoam may also help and you can leave that in the oil. Just follow the recommendations for how much to use.
Jim Altmiller


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