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Bob Wilson:
When rosemary begins to bloom, swarm season is not too far behind.

        I know the place where. I live there in North Africa... Right along the Mediterranean Ocean..(1983 to 1985) There were thousands upon thousands of acres or hectares... Of Rosemary and Thyme.. I found out later on this is the huge's place. Is along the Mediterranean Ocean...Forl these 2 herbs to grow in a wild.. The locals would pay. Double the money for these 2 kinds of honey. As compared to any other local honey on the market..

                BEE HAPPY  Jim134   :smile:

A handful of Maples were blooming here a few weeks ago before these big cold spells.  I?m now seeing more budding up.  1-2 weeks more and he busy season will bee here.  Can?t wait.

Bob Wilson:
Red tinged maple trees are appearing around town. I know you northern and western beeks like to see these pics. Hang on...spring is coming.

Trying to define swarm season has two parts. One to catch some or two to do some swarm control before your hives swam.
Swarm control is best done before the bees have started to think about swarming. We split in early September as the cherries start to blossom. This is no guarantee as when we went back to pickup our hives at the end of pollination we were catching swarms from hives that we thought were not strong enough to swarm.
Remember, bees make the rules, change the rules without consulting the owner.


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