Small Hive Beetle Grease

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I assume this could be placed inside a cd style trap also so it wouldn't contaminate the hive


--- Quote from: Bamboo on May 30, 2018, 07:53:07 am ---Well the 2 weeks is up and I had another look today to see how it was all going.
Kinda mixed results.
The population was much the same as the last inspection apart from the hive that had 80 odd SHB, today was probably down to about 15 or so. The hive with none now has a couple of SHB.

Once again they were only on the outer frames, probably chased there by the bees. The ones that went down onto the lids away from the sunlight during the inspection were being aggressively chased by the bees so I would think that they are keeping them away from the centre of the brood and honey stores in the hive proper.

I will look at other methods now other than the grease as I feel that this doesn't work, at least not in my location...or maybe it does and I would have a huge problem if I wasn't using it.

 No damage to comb or slime outs yet but I don't want it to get to that stage.

--- End quote ---
  I assume you did use wintergreen essential oil?

Reading through the forum and ran across this thread.  Thought I'd revive it and ask if this worked for anyone long term.  Are any of you still using this that tried it when it was originally posted in 2018?  How about those of you who jumped in later in 2019?  I'm curious what the outcome has been and if this is worth trying.  Thanks.


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