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Figs are starting to come off pretty good around here. Love me some dehydrated figs and some fig preserves. Mix a little bit of honey when you eat the preserves.., on man!

one of my favorite things.  i went out to check mine and found the birds had been at them before they were even ripe.   :-\

My figs are long gone, but I got quite a few away from the birds. :)

My apple trees just started producing this year. I figured about 4 dozen or so apples. Not so, the birds actually pecked a hole completely through a couple of them and messed up the rest. I have about 3 or 4 left with screen wire around them.

We have a couple of different type of figs. My son has a tree over at his house that's probably 20 years old. I want to take a cutting from it and put some of that type here at my place. I had some that rooted pretty good but last winter took them out. Back to the drawing board.

Joe D:
Our figs have been finished for about two weeks.  They did good this year.  We put up 3 cases of preserves in quarts.  Gave sister in law three gals of raw figs.  Gave son 7 gals of raw figs, and we have seven to ten gals in freezer.  Don't remember how many bags for sure, if I remember I'll have to count em tomorrow.  We have part of the trees we leave tall for the birds.  One tree is outside the dinning room window, we have eat super  while watching a raccoon in the tree eating figs.  We have several fig trees (8), not as many as we use to. 



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