Sugar Cane Harvest

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This is my first year growing and harvesting sugar cane. I tried 3 different kinds, forgot the names (I'm a genius). One is dark blue, another lite blue, and the third is actually green.

I had forgot all about this blast from the past. What a simple joy it is to enjoy this flavorable treat once again. This crop (20 to 30 canes) has turned out great - and now I'm planting more. I plan to actually attempt to make some sugar from it one day.

I'm in central Alabama and I'm told about 60 to 70 miles north of here is the line where it's too cold to grow it.

Vance G:
Would you consider putting some in a flat rate box and selling it to me?  My grandkids have never had a chance to chew on cane and I sure can't grow it here in the Great White North.

I'm off Wednesday and I plan to go to the stockyard to locate some more to plant. Let me do that first and I can see where I'm at as far as planting then I can give you some of my harvest. I won't charge you anything for the cane, just shipping.

Let's pm each other and if you don't hear from me by Wednesday pm me again because I will have got to busy - again.

For me it's a walk down memory lane. Growing up we never went hungry but the trips to the store for candy and stuff hardly ever happened with 5 kids. Sugar cane, muscadines, apples, watermelons, and such was our sugar fix. My wife just shakes her head at me when I explain how we grew up in the rural south. I told her the only time I was taken to the dr right then was when I got shot. My grandfather was great but just cause you said you hurt didn't get you a trip to the doctor. If you still hurt a few days later (serious!) you would probably go. I remember one time I broke my collar bone. A couple of days later...  She is an air force brat, but she converted to a great southern gal just fine. Man, you talk about somebody that can make some fig preserves, apple pie filling, ect, !!!

We are trying to establish self sufficiency the best we can. It's fun but it's a lot of work. I'm not sure anyone can make it by their selves without help from someone else.

Vance G:
Poor wasn't only in the south Sir.  I first lived with running water when I went to college.  An outhouse is a wonderful thing at -40 and I ain't talking wind chill!  My father was a sharecropper and all the money went to keep a fine line of machinery so people would rent land to us.  Took him a long time to get a place bought, that was after I was gone.  Sounds like our families belonged to the same medical plan.  You didn't get stitched up unless  a lung was gonna fall out.  My sister had a bad heart and she got the best of care and needed it.  Our teeth always got fixed.  Amazing how things get more unaffordable, the more medical insurance there is!  We ate good but not too extravagantly.  I remember that around thanksgiving and Christmas that dad would come up with some little lengths of sugar cane for a treat.  It was exotic beyond belief sir.  It still is something one rarely sees at the stores.   I can't believe how rich I am now.  I have money to do or buy anything I want!  As long as I don't want to do or want much! 

Joe D:
GSF, I can't remember that good but don't you plant the joints off the stalks.  I think you bed them like sweet potato, take them out in the spring and plant.

As for the figs and apple pie, I put a few apples, about as many pears, maybe more and a big hand full of chopped up fresh figs in my apple pies.  Have put a little walnut icecream topping in there to some times.  Had a next door neighbor that liked cheese on his, he was down with cancer, I fixed him one and put smoked Cheddar on top.  His family were all good Friends.

The last weekend of Nov. in Sumrall Ms they will be making cane syrup.



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