Eagle Scouts Speak Up


I am an Eagle Scout having reached the achievement in 1976.  My brother is an Eagle Scout as well.  As a youth, this was an achievement I put on my first resume.  It remains on my resume even today.

I became a beekeeper a year ago.  I suppose I was drawn to it because it has to do with working outside, being part of a group of remarkable people, taking on a new hobby where the skill and educational opportunities are endless and challenging, the unwritten code of conduct in giving advice and being open to advice and many other reasons to include overcoming fears like being stung.

These are just a few overlapping qualities shared by Boy Scouts and Beekeepers. 

So why would I not be attracted to the hobby!  That is why I support the beekeeping merit badge.

My nephew entered scouting and I hope that he enjoys it and sticks with it.  If he does I hope to be involved in no less than teaching this merit badge. 

Scouting builds leaders.  I hope that my nephew builds upon his leadership skills in scouting but will be satisfied just in him having checked out scouting to see if it is something he enjoys.

Thank you all for pushing the merit badge agenda.  I think it would be a good guess that many of your children, both boys and girls, are involved in scouting.  I'm glad I found beekeeping and the great group of people associated with it.


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