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Here is the latest from Neil.... As far as I can tell, it was know up front that it would be a long process (~2 years) and things are going as planned.

--- Quote ---What follows is a message that I received from Christopher's mother today. If you are reading this and have not sent a letter or taken some action, now would be a good time to do so. Also, if you have pledged to be a mentor and could do something else, such as circulate a petition or write a letter, please do that.

Here is the message:

Christopher and I were able to reach the National BSA office on Friday. He has already sent some of you an update but I thought I might try to let everyone know whats going on.
The proposal is now in the hands of the Innovations Engine department for new merit badges.

Due to the fact that the honey bee is in serious trouble these days the BSA is treating this proposal as a new possible merit badge.

The outlook is very positive although they can not confirm at this time for sure yet. The proposal will be placed in the hands of a team who will inspect and go over all the supporting evidence that Christopher was able to gather with help of everyone. They did tell us that never before have they been presented with such supporting evidence.
Here are a few things that our contact( Ms. Janice Downey) did say that could help get the merit badge through at this point. A continued flow of letters from beekeepers that are willing to become merit badge mentors and teach the boys about honey bees. Also letters from boys who are interested in earning the beekeeping merit badge if reinstated.

Christopher not only made his deadline to get the proposal to the scout headquarters but in August also mailed a large package of additional letters of support as a follow up. He plans to continue doing this at least once a month until the merit badge is reinstated. Of course this will require letters of support to send.

Christopher now has a plan to visit as many troops as he can and give a short talk about Honey Bees and the merit badge. He plans to get letters from each troop he visits and the boys asking for the reinstatement of the merit badge.

If anyone has any ideas on this, has a scout or a troop that would be interested in having Christopher come visit them or wishes to send a letter stating they would be willing to become a mentor please send it to the address below.
Christopher Stowell
17596 N. Peoria Ave.
Skiatook, OK. 74070

Thanks for your time,
Kimberley Stowell
--- End quote ---

Brian D. Bray:
I sent BSA an email supporting reinstating the Beekeeping Merit Badge.  I also stated I had started Beekeeping at the age of 10, had been beekeeping for over 50 years, and had been a registered BSA Merit Badge Councilor for Beekeeping back in the 1960's and 70's and was looking forward to advising more future beekeeping.

Here's a copy of the email I got back:

Great, we are glad to hear from you and about your interest in supporting this merit badge.
I am putting you in contact with several people who will be handling this going forward.
I expect they will be contacting you shortly.
Thank you for your willingness to support this effort,
Janice Downey
Innovation Team
Boy Scouts of America
972-580-2446 (W)

The email was addressed to 4 people, of which I was one.  I'm wondering if I've inadvertently gotten myself put on the Merit Badge design team?

Brian   :brian:

If you are now on the team your only problem should be limiting the info you put in the MB. -Mike  :pop:


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