I pledge to be a Beekeeping Merit Badge Councilor

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I am starting this thread to have a single place for all those that would be willing to be a beekeeping merit badge councilor to identify themselves.  I know we have had a few other posts where people have volunteered, but I would like to have one thread that keeps it all together.  This will be a great thread for those in the BSA to get an idea of people willing to volunteer.  Please keep it to pledges only and make comments on the subject in other posts.

Please include if you have scout experience, your area (city/state), and beekeeping experience.   Please don't feel scouting or extensive beekeeping experience is required.   Willingness to mentor is far more important.

I pledge to be a Beekeeping Merit Badge Councilor

30+ years beekeeping experience

Currently Committee Chairman and Assistant Scoutmaster - Troop 163 West Shokan, NY

Ulster/Dutchess/Orange Counties, NY

I pledge to be a Beekeeping Merit Badge Councilor.

6 years beekeeping experience.
Brown County, Indiana.

Eagle Scout, back in the mid-seventies.

My husband and I would be happy to serve as mentors.
Our son was active in scouts, we have 6 hives for about 5 years.
Live in Rockland county, NY - close to Bergen County, NJ stateline.

I pledge to be beekeeping merit badge mentor.  Also, my bee club Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association has already passed a resolution pledging that it will mentor scouts seeking the merit badge. 

Beekeeper for 4 years.

Neil Van Dalsem
Tulsa, Oklahoma


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