Boy Scout Merit Badge for Honey Bees!!!! HELP!!!

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weBEE Jammin:
We need the help from all bee keepers to get the Honey Bee Merit Badge reinstated, to keep our young interested and educated. Not only will they learn, but it may keep them away from crime and out of prisons. Please help by going to these sights and signing the petition and maybe writing your own letter to help them out. Thank you all you fellow beekers.


Me too!

Two Bees:
Will do!

I researched this a couple of years ago to find out why the beekeeping merit badge was no longer offered, thinking it was probably due to the legal aspects of a kid having a bad reaction to a bee sting.  Much to my surprise, the reason it was dropped by the Scouts was due to lack of interest!  In the last year of being offered, I believe the article said that only 60 badges were earned.  The article also mentioned that the requirements were extremely difficult.  So, it was dropped due to lack of interest?

David LaFerney:
If you sign this (I did) you should also be willing to act as a merit badge counselor as well if you are ever asked.  Better yet, contact a scout master and volunteer.


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