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 :( It's still winter here. After a week of temperatures ranging from +1 C to +9 C in the day, I wake to find a covering of Hail/Snow and a very hard frost, but it was a clear sky last night.

During the week I checked on a couple of hives - a strong colony was briefly flying a bit (cleansing flights one suspects) the other all snug and doing nothing.

Lots of activity inside as I could tell from the debris on the inspection board. Both had taken alot of candy placed 28 days ago.

Not sure about everyone else, but I can't wait for the spring now !!!



I should add that we have had flurries of snow this weekend - mid February and it's 2 degrees outside.

I spoke to a friend this moring and he told me he had heard that Spring is already a month late here - last year we got off to a roaring start but cold weather seems set to remain for the next few weeks at least.

On another note, I have been contacted by the owner of some stables to do a colony cut-out which I have agreed to do once it warms up - best give them every chance of surviving eh ?!

Apparently it is a colony that has holed up inside some stables behind wooden shuttering. It has been there for at least the past two seasons, mind you whether or not it is still alive is another matter especially if varroa is present which I'm certain it will be.

It swarmed at least once last year and also the year before, so I am hoping to salvage a nice quantity of wax if nothing else.

As and when it warms up, and I get started, I'll make sure the photos are posted for all to enjoy



cutout pics are the best!   :-D


Helo from edge of Europe.

This morming temp is -22C and 1 metre snow around hives.

No condensation water in the hives because it is frozen.

OUCH! :shock:


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