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I have been using 2 pieces of brass rod to locate underground pipes and wires. 

I first tried it about 10 years ago with a couple of coat hangers when I was looking for the septic tank for my old farm house.  I was able to find the tank and clay pipes on my 1st try.  Then I started walking back and forth across my back yard and found some old abandoned wooden pipes, underground wire, and my polypipe waterline from my well. 

Over the years I have used this technique to find mower parts that had vibrated off while mowing my fields, tools that were lost, and have found many pieces of junk.  I have also found jewelry and coins.   

At work, I use ferro-magnetic locators, ground-penetrating radar and radio location equipment, but I also use a pair of rods.

I don't know why a couple of bent rods work. My theory is that somehow I am locating slight disruptions in the earth's magnetic field.

There is a fancy low-tec commercially available device that works somewhat like my brass rods, but I doubt if it works any better. 

You truly are one of the gifted ones. That is the way my parents had their well located when I was a kid, to drill for water and I thought the man was a crackpot when he told them where to drill and how far and how much water they could get. He was very close on all. Many of us have tried it with none that could get the rods to respond.


--- Quote from: Sparky on January 29, 2010, 08:42:42 pm --- he told them where to drill and how far and how much water they could get. He was very close on all.

--- End quote ---

I don't have any accurate idea of what I find.  For me, a large thing is deeply buried is similar in "signal strength" to a small thing that is closer to the surface.

When I locate, I don't focus on anything in particular.  I just walk along.  I had my kids try it, and it works for them too. 

I think that it is something that can be learned.  Like training the sense of smell:

hello BoBn:

     Very closely related is the act of holding a piece of thread to which a needle is attached and asking it questions.  Tell it how you want it to respond (such as transcribing a circle or swinging back and forth for either "yes" or "no")

    There are apparently "rules" as to what it will answer accurately and what it won't.  I can get lottery numbers all night long, but no winners.

     Some people claim success in "dowsing" over a map, or using an "ouija" board.


Brian D. Bray:
Dowsing can be done a number of ways:
1. Using a forked stick.
2. Using a straight stick.
3. Using metal rods:
    a. One each of two different metals
    b. Two of 1 kind of metal
    c.  One single iron rod
    d.  One single copper rod
4. Using 2 crossed sticks or rods.

For me using a long iron rod, like a digging bar, works best.  If I walk slowly with the bar balanced in my hand it will always pull point down and out of my hand as it passes over either buried pipes or water.  If you dig where the point hits the ground you'll find the pipe or water source (which is often the same).


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