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This has probably been done before but here goes:

Thought it would be nice to have one thread to post pictures of what blooms in your area! I often here folks speak of sources that I have no clue what they look like. Sure I can google and find a picture but it will not be your picture ;) (adds a personal touch)! For instance I have never seen fire weed or raspberries (stacker if you are there). I have had folks ask me about Tulip Popular and heard some folks confused between Red Maple and Red Bud (Judas Tree). I know it is past most folks bloom period but maybe you already have some pics.

Maybe it will be easier to have Pics in same place to view. A few things I thought might make it easier (feel free to add your thoughts).

1- Use clickable thumbnails probably easier to manage and use less server space (not sure of space thing -not too computer savvy)?

2- In subject list plant name  (common name). Should make it easier to scan and view.

3- Limit comments in post (just picture would be nice) kinda just a source to view pics

4- check before you post  ex. one blackberry photo would be great (would be nice to have one of blooms and one of fruit however).

5- Don't use this thread as a place to ID your plant. Run a separate post to ID and if not in this thread after a positive ID please :) post in this thread.

You would be surprise @ how many kids in particular don't know where fruits and vegetables come from etc. I feel this would be a good resource for ID and pics of things bees help pollinate ;). 

If this is a good idea people will post -- if not it will fall by the wayside :-D!


I'll try modify post to list pics as they are Posted posted:

Tulip Popular

Tulip Popular:

sc-bee.  Might open up a great thread, it might not, time will tell that tale.  Interesting thing to do though, have a wonderful and great day, Cindi


Roadside Goldenrod


Bout done blooming--- wonderful grape aroma.


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