Do you find the forum EASY to use?


This forum is fairly easy to use, but quite powerful in features. From the Administration end it offers great flexability in offering polls that the members can create, allows links and images to be added to the posts easily and also allows me to allow other users to moderate topics as it grows.

If you are new to forums, it may have a learning curve, but I think it allows the user to share a great amount of information to the membership and even directly to other members privately.

So here is my latest poll. Please give any feedback you feel could help better the forum. Thanks.


I find it a simple forum to use but I belong to a number of forums for different reasons.
I belong to a garden forum because I like to show off the pictures of our flowers and find answers to problems we have Quickly with out doing time comsuming searches.
A sportsman forum because I love the out doors and all the thinks in the woods and fields near home. Again a place to post my deer and untill now my bee pictures along with fungi and birds.
A diesel truck forum because I have one and can keep updated with recall information and other related things.
And a snowmobiling forum because I can get trail condition reports that are truthful and up to date from other snowmobilers not some tourist chamber of commerce type.
I am so glad this site is here Now I have some place to talk about and learn more about my bees. I no longer feel alone doing what I am doing.
 :D Al

I like your forum John it really is easy to use and easy on the eyes. I am happy to be one of the first members to join. I read you had a previous forum, but had server problems. I bet it was great and I'm sure you are will on your way to having another terriffic message board.


the forum is awesome!! and it's easy to use too :)


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