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I suit up based on what I plan to do. Removals I will start with a jacket and veil, if they are fairly calm I will often just use a veil. If I'm getting down into brood nests and making manipulations I will also wear my jacket and probably a pair of jeans. If it's just weekly inspections during the spring and summer flows, I'm usually in shorts and a veil, and sometimes a t-shirt. You will likely never see me without a veil, I use my eyes for too many other important things.
WEB VIDEOS / Re: The Best Source of Electrical Energy?
« Last post by Acebird on Today at 09:14:49 am »
All have advantages and disadvantages.  Location is key for most sources of energy with the exception of geo thermal.
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 09:10:13 am »
Had a job as a delivery driver once. Had to drop off a huge load of bubble wrap to an office. They told me to pop it in the corner. Took me hours.

Some people thought my idea of replacing Christmas wrapping paper with Bubble Wrap was silly, but at least I made my presents known.

Left work with a really impressive package.  Three staplers, a box of pens and a roll of Bubble Wrap.

Imagine the self control required to work in the Bubble Wrap factory.

I ordered some bubble wrap online just to see what it would be wrapped in.

What sort of music does bubble wrap not like? Pop!
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 09:09:53 am »
Who is married to my mean uncle? My croissant.

Why were the almond croissants almost sold out? Everyone went nuts for them.

Why did the croissant and bread fall in love? Love is all you knead.

What did the chef say when the croissant went missing? It?s scone now.

What did the croissant say to its chef? Butter me up.

What did the croissant say to the bread as a goodbye? Have a loafly day.

What did the croissant say to the other croissant? Everything I dough, I dough it for you.

What did mama croissant say to her children? It?s way past your bread time.

What did the croissant say to his girlfriend? I loaf you.

What did the croissant give to his girlfriend? Flours.

What did the tiered cake say to a tray of croissants that fell? Get batter soon.

Some things in life are more or less similar to baking croissants so what can we do? Just roll with them.

A croissant and a baguette are having a race. What?s the best way to start the race? Ready, bready, go.

What did the customer say when they look at the croissant? What a breadtaking sight.

Why did the two croissants run away from the bakery? They wanted to grow mould together.

What did the croissant say when breaking up with his girlfriend? You deserve butter.

I went to the zoo and saw a croissant in a cage. It was bread in captivity.

A danish, a cornbread piece, and a croissant plays Dungeons and Dragons. I guess you can say they are roll playing

I just put my hair in a bun. It wasn?t very nice, I think I?ll try it with a croissant next time.

For breakfast, I had a croissant at this stand in Germany. I looked at the attendant, held up my croissant and said, Gluten Morgen.

Paris, I hope our paths will croissant again.

Two croissants in an oven, one says, ?It?s hot in here?. The other says, ?Wow, a talking croissant.

American websites use cookies to track you. French websites use croissants.

The croissant felt uncomfortable being displayed out the window of the shop. He gives him the crepes.

What did the croissant say to the pretzel? You?re such a weird-dough.
WEB VIDEOS / Tommy Emmanuel & Gabriella Quevedo
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 08:28:09 am »
I don't know how to embed these but here are the links:

Tommy Emmanuel is an Aussie for those of you from there.  He is a national treasure.

If you like this you should search on Youtube for each of them separately.  There are a lot of videos out there.
WEB VIDEOS / Re: The Best Source of Electrical Energy?
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 08:13:35 am »
Hard to beat Hyrdroelectric.  Humans have been using Hyrdo for as long as we can tell.  Water wheels have been around for centuries at least if not millennia.
WEB VIDEOS / Re: Glen Campbell and 'Young" Carl Jackson
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 08:07:55 am »
You can find some awesome videos of Chet Atkins (Mr. Guitar)  playing with various other amazing guitar players like Jerry Reed, Roy Clark etc.  Tommy Emmanuel plays like Chet and is quite amazing.  Gabriella Quevedo is a young lady who also does fingerstyle guitar and is quite amazing.

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON / Re: Watching For Comets
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 07:56:45 am »
I haven't.  There is a telescope out in my barn with a 12" lens.  I suppose I should drag it out.  But the temps here are in the single digits right now...
I have several times received dozens of stings in a second.  Things can go bad quickly and unpredictably.  One time I stepped in a hole in the beeyard (gopher?) and I dropped a brood box.  It disintegrated.  10,000 or more bees in the air in less than a second.  Luckily I had some protection on.  One time I was brushing bees into a box that had clustered on the stump of the tree they lived in which had snapped off in a storm.  I had a jacket on, but it was plastered to my back with sweat and I got 20 or more stings on my back in about a half a second.  Luckily I had a veil.  I once brushed a swarm off at the top of a 20 ft ladder and it went down the back of my shirt.  Funny how a swarm swings before it lets go...  Again 20 or more stings in just a second.  You're not just wearing protective equipment for the predictable things...
« Last post by Ben Framed on January 29, 2023, 07:25:00 pm »
"My bees are (for the most part) very docile"

Mine are too Regan for the most part. To be fair, there are some days that the shorts will not do and some of the bees will be in a pesky mood as Beemaster2 described above. On a day like that I will change from shorts to loose fitting dry fit material pants. Even these are much better than jeans or some of the other type pants for cooler comfort. Their again the fan is a huge asset. But shorts are my presence when working 'my hives' when the weather gets HOT...

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