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Author Topic: Celebrity Apprentice  (Read 2250 times)

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Celebrity Apprentice
« on: May 11, 2009, 02:04:18 pm »
I guess its been on for 8 seasons and I have maybe watched three episodes, until this year. Just by chance I saw that Annie Duke (proffesional poker player) was on and although I am not a fan of hers I do enjoy poker, I wanted to see how she did, I have not been able to watch all episodes so missed a lot of the nasty stuff going on (dennis rodman etc) but I saw a couple with joan rivers and her daughter that to be honest make me wonder why anyone would want to be associated with her. It was pretty obvious that Joan did not like Annie and in particular did not like her chosen profesion, also she took an instant dislike to anyone who went against her daughter, some of the stuff she spouted included saying annie was worse than hitler, called her a bleep pit viper (not sure what it is but guessing it aint nice) and just basically made very personal attacks every chance she could, she even stormed off and quit the show the week her daughter got fired, only to be back the following week. Long story short, final two was Annie and Joan, Joan managed to piss off the designer for the final challange to the point that he quit and would not work for either team, only then did Annie make some disparaging comments about Joan. Annie went on the raise $450,000 to Joans $150,000, but Joan just would not let go, when annie was asked by trump about the designer and she said Joan made them quit Joan went ballistic calling her a liar and much worse (did joan not know this was a filmed event ?) It was pretty obvious that Joan would not get fired, she should have gone weeks ago, but trump was not about to fire his friend, Joan was not even gracious about the money annie raised, claiming it was mafia money. I dont think she was doing this to hype the show, I think she was just showing her true colors and her daughter was no better, personally I think the less we see of these two in the future the better off we all will be.