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Title: The Stand
Post by: Kathyp on January 07, 2007, 04:04:07 pm
is on.  best SK movie ever....well, IT was good too.....

8 hours of the King!
Title: Re: The Stand
Post by: beemaster on January 07, 2007, 06:17:04 pm

I too liked the book (first epic novel I ever read - became tear filled when Nicky Andross died. Strange how I seem to remember nearly every character and always will. I'll blame Stephan King for creating a reader - today it is audio-books, but the passion lives on.

The movie greatly followed the book, as did IT which is what I thought the scariest of them - Pennywise scared the crap out of me.

In the Audio-book department, what great choices we have here for free. Our County Library has 40,000 audio-books on CD or Cassette with full online ordering and they are sent to your local branch.

Now there is listen NJ a fully virtual online service where you can download up to three books at a time, keep them typically 7 days and then their shelf license expires and you can no longer play them, you cannot renew them, but if available (all audio-books have 1 to 5 copies on the virtual shelf) then you reactivate your license another week.

You also put up to 5 books on hold and are emailed when available - first come first serve style with 5 days to download. Last cool thing, the software does all the work, it has a really smart player, file manager and even finds and down loads the content to any compatible mp3 player found. When you are done, just delete them out and download the next ones. For me it is ideal - I listen to audiobooks when drifting off to sleep and also every night or day at work. I average 2 novels a week, my wife listens to the while driving to and from work and gets over a book and a half a week in that way. I'm pleased to say I average just over 100 books a year that way.

Typical books of 600 pages run around 8 - 9 hours run time and the download is a easy 11megs - which zips by on anything but dial-up.

I have had a head-cold for over a week and it final broke yesterday - last night we went out to dinner at a new Ruby Tuesdays and AFTER OVERSTUFFING MYSELF with a huge salad bar plate, I had their Triple Play, ribs, shrimp and chicken strips with 2 Long Island Ice Teas. Around 12am I started burping up the mesquite ribs and that's all she wrote, I was in misery (no book pun intended) all night and day. To keep it mild, I think I lost about ten pounds with all my bathroom marathons, it was just a long night of not knowing which way to point - ugh. Now, back to getting lots of fluids in me and a little rest.

Hope you enjoyed the movie again, it's a watcher - opppps that's Dean Koontz :)

Curious if you ever read any of LEE CHILD's - Jack Reacher novels. Ex military cop, drifting into one hi stakes adventure into another - excellent books read by the best of all audio-book readers Dick Hill. Talk soon.
Title: Re: The Stand
Post by: Kathyp on January 08, 2007, 02:19:24 pm
i do a lot of books on tape also.  this year i got a new player and can download the books to it.  as i work outside, i can "read" a book.  not only does it make the work go by easier, it helps me keep up with my books.  i usually have a list of 20 or so that i want to read and the list never seems to get smaller :-).  i hope that the physical library does not go away with the advent of the downloadable library.  still, being able to check out books on line has been a great advantage.