Jose's Hive: How Not To Keep Bees

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Jose swapped me a beehive for a van a few years ago then yearned to keep bees again.  So I split off a nuc for him.  12 months passed and he never touched it except to face an empty double deep to the entrance of the nuc.  I do not have another 5 frame nuc box, so to regain the use of my nuc box I then had to sort out the mess that was Jose's Hive.

The set up:

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First I had to clean the honeycomb and bees from the lid and the top of the frames:

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I did not know what to expect or what I'd find in the empty supers - lovely capped honeycomb with a little pollen.  A few beetles on the pollen but not a problem:

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They were lovely quiet bees.  But were they everywhere! 

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I didn't try to look for the queen and risk losing her.  There was mainly capped brood and very few eggs.  I slipped the 5 frames into the new box quickly, but she could have been anywhere.  But last week when I checked, there were signs of a queen and a thriving hive.

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The moral of this story is , if you give Jose bees, you will end up with pictures that show you how not to keep bees.


I'm surprised they chose to store honey in the detached hive bodies.Quite an interesting setup,to say the least. :)

I find that amazing also.  I would never have thought it.   But I guess it worked.

that jose kinda like me, dont sweat it if it works

Lone if Jose's hive was on the roof in that setup during cyclone Yasi it is unbelieveable.


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