Middendorf's---Famous Catfish Restaurant Underwater

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This place is well known for its crispy very thin fried catfish. I have eaten there many times over the yrs. It is located approx 30 minutes from my home. The building will be torn down and I'm pretty sure they will rebuild, but its a shame when the original is gone, just like yankee stadium.

Ike was the culprit.



Update-the building is still there, and was open for business today!!! Would love to know how they pulled that one off.


JP  I read they are going to rebuild the restaurant higher to avoid the floods so the true original building will go. they will try to take all the stuff from the old building into the new(doors, fixtures, Etc.). Hopefully it will do okay. When I was a kid my Father would take us there when we were out fishing or riding in the boat we would stop in there for lunch, cool memories.


Rebuilding both bldgs higher would def make sense, I heard they were taking down the original bldg but was surprised to see it up and running. Great place to eat.


guess I need to navigate these threads a little more. Wasn't aware that the restaurant had closed . It's been many years since I was there somewhere around 15. It used to be my wife and I favorite place . When we moved to Washington Parish ,it just got too far to drive. We stared going to Mike's catfish in Amite City,where I was born but, the fish has become untasty over the last few trips there.

At Middendorfs I used to start off with a 1/2 doz. raw oysters then have the catfish. Today my wife and i have been married 41 years .Think I'll see about going there next weekend.

How about meeting there next Saturday Dec. 6 2008 for an early evening dinner?
Dutch treat ofcourse.  PM, both of you .


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