My new bee yard, inspection pictures & misc. ones.

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Two of my freshly finished home built hive bodies, Thank you Tom for the link to my old tools. That dado sled sure is slick.

My new bee yard, ful sun all day long. Still in the building mode, need tio finish a north wind break fence in the rear. Also have to trench out the rest of the yard to lay steping stones to hold plastic down and not be a trip hazard.

My weakest hive, the package I installed on the 8th of May and had a supersede queen cell two weeks latter, then were moved to this location about 40 yards from the old location. Note the small entrance.

This is my strongest colony. Only that they are the farthest ahead with a second deep added Saturday afternoon, because they had all the frames drawn and all but a half a frame full of brood, honey and pollen. We call this one Billies bees because it is the swarm given to me by him to replace the colony I destroyed.

This is really the strongest hive if you consider what they have did in the least amount of time. 8 frames of freashly drawn comb in 4 days and the queen laying already. We call this one Bob's bees two because it is the second swarm he gave me.They were the ones under the ladies siding.

 :D Al

Now for the inspection part.
Pollen being brought in through the upper entrance Bob's bees two, chard inner cover due to the fireing when suspect AFB was in the mind.

The package hive queen laying. Can anybody id her breed? she seems bulker than my other ones.

Another one of her, no it isn't a drone I saw her backed into a cell. See above picture.

See how hard it is to spot the queen and must spend a few miniutes looking closely for her and if you move to fast miss her totally.
Do Ya'll see her? Bob's bees two hive.

Larva being capped. Bob's bee one hive. I love the beautiful yellow color of the caps.

Larva in Bobs bees two hive.

This being the best and last for now Larva picture Bob's bee two hive. Kare took all the bee pictures and di an exlant job I thik even though she complained of not being able to see with the veil and the angle of the sun.

 :D Al

Outstanding pics
If that's what she can do with not being able to see.... wow
It never fails to amaze me how they build and function.
Pics like that really bring it to life

Beth Kirkley:
That queen is a fat thing! She does look like a drone in that first picture, but I could see the length of her body in the others. Great pictures Al.


All I see for the images is "Red-X"'s.



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