The Lethal Kangaroo???

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Ben Framed:
Not knowing much about Australia I wonder; Is there an ounce of true here, or a complete Mick Dundee tall-tail?  :wink:

How Exactly Do Kangaroos Kill People?

"Assault deaths come from the aggressive attacks kangaroos deliver to humans". "they are aggressive and have no regard for human life. Kangaroos even kidnap dogs from backyards. Kangaroo don't even eat dogs, they just fight them for sport. The worst part is that kangaroos are armed and dangerous. They have gnarly claws on the back of their feet. They lean back and intentionally kick in a way that will cause these claws to disemboweled anything they are fighting. Not only are they muscularly powerful, but these claws are guaranteed to instantly kill anything they hit."

"The water supply poisoning deaths come from a the kangaroo's nasty habit of dropping poisonous berries down wells. No one knows if this is intentional or not, but it sure seems like it at this point."

Ben Framed:

I may not be from Australia, but I really doubt several of those statements are true.  It is true that kangaroos can be dangerous when provoked, but they are not predators, and from what I've read and seen about kangaroos, they do not just attack people or other animals for no reason, much less "for sport".  I'm not even going to touch on the idea that they somehow kidnap dogs.  Keep in mind that dingoes are a natural enemy of the kangaroo, so they fear dogs and dog-like creatures.  Here is the Queensland Department of Environmental Sciences page on kangaroos and wallabies.

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