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Let's get this party started. The first two races Tony Stewart One, we'll the second the leaded Clint Bowyer ran out of full (which in Nascar terms is like tossing a parachute out the back of your car) and Stewart won the race, he was NOT close enough to win otherwise.

Win winning the first two races, using the point system - that means Stewart needs only finish in the top 15 of the remaining races, even better if he finishes better in the next few. This will unseast Jimmie Johnson as the all time record winner for consecutive wins, an incredible 5 Chase Wins - to many making him the greatest living drivers.

I argue that last point, mainly because there is a point system involved. If I were to guess WHO is the CURRENT best driver in Nascar, hands down I believe it is Kyle Busch.

Although we have some great young drivers coming up who are finishing in the top ten each week, this is Kyle's time to shine. Remember not that long ago when he was cocky and had a very large NEGATIVE FAN BASE as he's win and look for a signature move (something out of WWE Wrestling more than Nascar) Kyle would be booed in thunderous roars from the stands.

Today, after proving himself and frankly growing up some, he now stands on the roof of his car and does a bow to the fans, they respect his proven talent as a leading driver and those boos have reverted to cheers, a recognition that is well earned.


Who do you think is going to win the chase? I've been a big Matt Kennseth fan for years now, looks like he might have a slim chance in these final 8 races and of course for you Dale Jr. Fans, he made it by the narrowest points margin and the chase is a fresh start, seems he could pull the stops and prove to the fans he inherited from his father that Jr. is a real racing force that need recognition as well.


Nascar increased the openings of the restrictor plate adding about 8 horse power to the cars. Also this MAY stop the rediculous need to do two car deep super speedway racing and get them back 3 wide and 15 deep where they belong on the giant tracks. I am a super speedway fan, having spent a few thousand hours racing simulator and learning the magic of draft. This season, cars have been forming a 2 two car buddy system and literally 2 cars are passing longer strings of cars. MOST of the fun of the super speedway was watching lap after lap, as tires wore down and track conditions changed, seeing cars somehow hold that track feet apart and three wide. It was a beautiful thing to see the control MAN had over machine. Now with racing 2 cars deep, it is more of a piton track and field race where the only thing you do is switch places to allow the hottoer rear car cool off by getting fresh air to the grill as they drove.

It was a downfall of Nascar, each driver had a radio with dozens of channels so they could talk directly with other drivers asking them if they can team up. There was a CHESS element about this 2 deep racing, but it made for BORING viewing at home and I'm sure at the track. Give me back by 3 wide 15 deep racing at talledega and Daytona. Nascar made fans happy with the double wide restarts every restart, then this crap happened. Time to give up best of both worlds and once again fill them stands and make Nascar the GREAT American Race Sport it is.

Hmmm.....less restrictor plates + Bristol =   :shock:

Can they even make it around the track once without a crash?

Mikey Habbque:
Hi John, I dont want to go off topic here  :), but since you are into Nascar, I was wondering if you had the same passion for Formula 1 racing? I am into the Formula 1 side of things, but I have yet to be bitten by the Nascar bug. If I want to get into Nascar more, would you recommend a good forum as a place to start learning more about it?

There's plenty of them around.

Richard Petty has a deal where you can drive the car.

Thanks for the link Iddee:

I always enjoyed OPEN WHEEL just never followed it as I do Nascar. I love road courses and I'm sure that I've mentioned previously racing simulator about 500 races at Watkins Glen, that racing with up to 42 other real people from around the globe all rated and very serious and incredibly talented racers.

About 6 years ago I go to go and WALK every inch of Watkins Glen, what an amazing thing for me - I knew ever nook and cranny to the place, but to experience the elevation changes of the track - wow.

They do something really cool on the Friday before the race - for $15 you get to take YOUR CAR out onto the track and do three laps following the pace car. It is a charity event that is tradition there. I'm sure you only get to do 30 or 40mph but hey, your on the Glen and for road course fans, it doesn't get much better :)

My favorite track for open-wheel or any vehicle really is ROAD AMERICA in WISCONSIN - what a beautiful track that is. It is scenic and challenging, I would love to see any car on that track!!!


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