National Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day


Please remember to take the time this Memorial day to honor those who paid for YOUR liberty, with their life.

By Marie A. Schnieder

He was a brother, a father, a husband, and most of all a soldier.
He had humility of heart, pride of country and the courage of bolder.
In unmarked grave, known only to God, he lies, yet a son of freedom known to all.
He fell to eternity on the battle ground as he rose to heed his country's call.

They were our children, our beloved ones, who gave their lives so galantly.
Fighting for freedom on distant shore, keeping our country proud and free.
A memorial tribute to every soldier, let all Americans observe this day
Embracing our wariors upon this land and remebering those still far away.

Along with other Americans, you are asked to observe the National Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day, Monday, May 31, 2004 at 3:00 p.m. local time (duration: one minute). The time 3:00 p.m. was chosen because it is the time when many Americans are enjoying their freedoms on the national holiday. The Moment does not replace the traditional Memorial Day observances. It is intended to a be a unifying act of remembrance for Americans of all ages. As you participate in the Moment you are helping reclaim Memorial Day for the noble and sacred reason for which it was intended—to honor those who died in service to our Nation.



In May 1996, the idea of the Moment was born when children touring Washington, DC, were asked what Memorial Day meant. They responded, "That's the day the pools open!"

On December 28, 2000, by Public Law 106-579, the White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance was established.


We are fortunate that those children can go to their pool.
We are that fortunate because veterans died to make this possible. The freedoms we enjoy were paid for by the sacrifice of others.... Never forget that.... and explain it to a kid you love.

It is important to remember those who have served our country. Unfortunatly so many Americans think Memorial Day is a national boating holiday.
Thanks for reminding us Rog.


i may slam on my little town for its zoning problems (among other things), but it does a much better job at making Memorial Day real than the suburb i grew up in.  we have a parade and a service in the town cemetery to honor our veterans.  i'd never been to anything like that till we moved here.  maybe because i grew up far from where my ancestors/relatives are buried... but at least i can make sure my kids know this isn't "pool opening day".


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