Hello and greetings from China

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I can finally enter this site. When verifying my email, I waited a long time without seeing the new email, causing me to keep clicking send new email until I suddenly realized that the new email might end up in my spam. Finally, I found it in the spam box. Very good :cheesy:

Welcome to Beemaster.
We do not have many members from China.
Glad you were able to get approved.
Jim Altmiller

Jim 134:
        Welcome to Beemaster .

   I don't believe Beemaster has very many members. From the Asian continent... I know for sure I'm one of the few or It's just you and me. I do live near Manila, Philippines I hope you can share some of your experiences. That you did have in China..
           I would like to know what species of honeybees do you keep ???

                   BEE HAPPY  Jim 134   :smile:

Welcome to Beemaster, JacksonWong!  :happy:  It will be very interesting to hear about how you keep bees in China!

Hi JacksonWong, "JW"

Welcome to the States. Big smiles here.  :grin:

I saw your post in Coffee House earlier. Please don't think that forum is representative of the entire USA.  :cheesy:

I'm sure you'll have fun. How old are you? I'm just lately realizing that there are some beekeepers younger than 63 years old.

Are you proficient in English, or do you use a translation app?

Sal, Salvo, Salvatore.


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