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I am so happy to finally get into this forum!  My registration email kept going to spam folder and just now realized it. I was so frustrated that I wasn't hearing back to get access.  This is my first forum, hopefully I can make my way around it.

Anyway, TOTALLY excited to be here, thank you for letting me in.  I have been reading and watching videos for the past 5 months and right before Christmas I ordered my first 2 hives, one a Langstroth and one a Layens. I plan to compare the two and see what works best here where I live, up in Mermaid country!  I have great expectations that I will be successful, I guess time will tell. I pick up my nucs the first weekend in March, and my biggest challenge starting out will be temporarily converting the Layens hive to accept the nucs' Langstroth frames until I can transition them out. 

My husband and I are vegans for 4+ years, we love every aspect of nature (except hurricanes) and since bees are so vital to mankind's wellbeing, I decided I wanted to become a part of the fascinating work that they do.

That's a lot of information on my first post, and I apologize, but wanted to say HI, and I hope to find answers to the multitude of a questions I have moving forward along this this journey I have started for myself. 

Ben Framed:
Welcome Busybee58! We are glad to have you join us. I joined almost a year before I obtained bees, while in the mean time enjoyed reading and studying here. I also watched youtube videos as well. I have been asking questions ever since I obtained those first bees lol....   Feel free to do the same. Most here are patient and very helpful!


Welcome to Beemaster, Busybee58!  :grin:  Feel free to ask any and all questions you may have, or just peruse around and read if you like.  We all loving talking about bees and asking and answering questions. 

Hi welcome to the most frustrating, fascinating and satisfactory hobby in the world.
A small piece of well meaning advice.
I'd concentrated on learning how to keep bee's well in one hive type before trying 2 different hives with different frame sizes.
Using hives with different frame sizes is going to cause you problems down stream.
The bees won't care which hive type they are in, they will however appreciate being "looked after well"..

Welcome to the forum!


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