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I try to read his information often.  Today I discovered that the link above is no longer valid.

little john:

--- Quote from: Spur9 on September 15, 2017, 04:21:50 pm ---Today I discovered that the link above is no longer valid.
--- End quote ---

Like a lot of 'lost stuff' - they can often still be recovered via the WayBack Machine (Internet Archive):
Try this link:

BTW, I'm not endorsing the value or otherwise of these articles - just giving forum members a means of gaining access to them.

I was able to pull up and read part 1but not part 2. I did try searching using the info but they all said not available.
Were you able to get part 2?

little john:
Hi Jim.

You've lost me ....

The list is of the articles Walt Wright has written in ABJ and Beeculture - at least that's what I'm seeing on my old coal-fired steam-driven computer.

So - Part 2 of what ?  If you can put a name to the exact article, I'll have a ferret around and see if I can dig up anything ...
Ah ... just looked at the page more carefully - must be the swarm prevention part II - I'll have a look for it.

little john:
Ok Jim - got it now.

There are two Part II's in the list.

Using the link already given:  "Apply Survival Traits ... Part II" downloads ok (for me), but  "A Different Twist ...  part II" doesn't. Apparently the file held is corrupted.

But the copy held in the earlier 2007 scan downloads ok:

If you have any difficulty at all with the download, PM me and I'll swift a copy over to you - it's about 600k.



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