You don't like hearing Merry Christmas - get over it!

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Just a little seasonal commentary.

I listened this morning to WABC-770AM and the topic was a town in North New Jersey where NOT ONLY can't you sing any Christmas songs in public school any more, you can't even play "instrumentals" where the word Christmas is found - honestly, it's getting a little sickning to live a politically correct lifestyle.

As a Federal Employee I've been taught to walk softly on questionable issues of faith, ethnic diversity and other "sensitive issues" but you know, when I'm forced to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS rather than Merry Christmas on Christmas day to a guard at the front gate of our Naval base, a sailor giving part of his life to preserving our country and ALL it's diverse beliefs, then I'm sickened that we are evolving into a society that has not grown in it's freedoms, but opposingly, grown closer to a restrictive society.

If someone sincerely said to me "Happy Hanukkah", I'd thank them sincerely too, not run for the nearest pulpit and shout that my rights have been violated. It makes me sick that the only holidays we can agree on are political ones these days.

If I insult you by saying Merry Christmas, too bad - get over it. If I hurt your feelings or brused your spiritual ego, to freakin' bad. When will the LEFT stop destroying EVERYTHING that they think they CAN destroy? The ACLU can BITE ME and the LEFTISTS of the Country can BITE the ACLU - I'm tired of walking on glass just to prevent "Sensitive Issues" from offending others.

First they say, let's get rid of God in everything except for our Money - Leftists don't mind our money one bit. Then let's take Jesus or Christ out of Christmas, what's next: saying Happy New Year will offend people who had a lousy year or insult Star Trek fans who are worshiping the future possibility of time travel. Again, BITE ME!!!

Whatever your beliefs, enjoy them, celebrate them, rejoice them - don't hide in the corner like a pervert just so that you won't offend others. I laugh when I see Christmas Trees all over our Navy Base, but no crosses are allowed and not even banners saying Merry Christmas are allowed - is there some Faith other than Christian and elsewhen besides Christmas that celebrates with lighting of trees. Of course, you can have a Lighted Tree, but not a Christmas Tree??? And God forbid you have an Angel or other religious topping on the tree.

Stop the Madness people. If you are so offended that your school puts on a Christmas Choir, if you don't want your kids to be in it THEN write a letter excusing them from the Choir - don't start a petition to prevent others from doing so. If you don't like where your tax dollars are going, then move or get your kids in private school or go wherever you think you will be happy - but stop the madness of letting every little thing insult and upset you. Stop turning our courtrooms into places where religion issues are endlessly fought, when you are the ones crying about separation of church and state.

Frankly, I'm sick of fools who can't just let other people be. I don't care what my neighbors do, what they believe, where they shop or what they eat. I don't care who you sleep with, what you smoke or whatever creepy crap you do - as long as I don't have to see it and as long as it doesn't effect me, it's none of my business. I live my life as morally as I can and I sleep good at night: some people can live a dirty life and although I don't agree, it is NOT my job to change the world, only to live my life in a manor that my conscience can allow.

Which "God" you believe in or DON'T believe in is NONE of my BUSINESS. Keep your nose out of mine. If the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independance and Contitution bother you so much, then EXCILE yourself out of this GOD BLESSED COUNTRY. If having Christ in Christmas or God in our churches offends you, then lock you door, stick your head in your oven and set it for 400f for 45 minutes or until tender. Because you know what, if I can't say Merry Christmas without offending someone, then I don't need to talk to that person in the first place. If all that is left is HAPPY HOLIDAYS, then I'll save my breath, because honestly at that point I really don't wish them a "happy" anything.

Whatever your holidays, charrish them and enjoy them with your families and friends. Enjoy the diverse country we live in and all the free countries of the world and STOP restricting other people's rights and freedoms.

That is why in this forum, you can express any opinions you wish just by keeping it clean and not being purposefully hurtful to others, there are no other rules - otherwise, I don't restrict anyone here from saying anything about anything. If I start CENSORSHIP then baby watch out - because it never stops until NO ONE can say ANYTHING. I'm not a baby sitter and you aren't children. Enjoy each other, learn and share and enjoy lively debate.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS to all that celebrate it and HAPPY WHATEVER to everyone else - I mean that sincerely. I wish you peace, health and joy no matter what your beliefs, and if we can't all agree on that, then these are sad times... Sad, sad times.

God Bless our troops and may EVERY YEAR be better than the last!

It just amazes me how far they strech the seperation of church and state. Actually I'm not sure I have ever read those words in the constitution or bill of rights. Guess I'll have to read it all again.

Anyway the first amendment is telling the government that it can't force a religion on us and can't interfear with our choice of religion and how we celebrate it. I would suspect this would apply to any government worker. BUT the same amendment giving cause for those people to keep all that stuff out of schools also gives us the right to do those things in schools. It doesn't have to be government sponsored or even approved, just the government employees can't stand in the way and stop us from doing it (Well they do but they are going against our rights.) And as you say, no one will be twisting anybody's arms to attend or participate.

How can they put down all this Christian stuff and yet celebrate the holidays? By just calling it something else? Hypocrites.

Horns Pure Honey:
Thank the Lord! I am so glad you stood up for that. I can still say stuff like that at are school but I am getting sick of people not say things becuase of the gov. and cry baby peoples. I know a girl that is a Jahovas witness and even she says merry christmas. I think if you are that hurt about people king words to you and your family than you better move to a town that only believes in your religion. Before you know it they wont play christmas songs or alow certain things in school. I am not going to go on with all this, bye

This message is not meant as a slam against anyone, but just as an alternative view.  I could say more, but maybe even less might be better.  But I feel compelled to say it, regardless.

I agree with the expressed opinions to a point, in that things taken to an extreme can ruin all good intentions.  But I still think that "political correctness" (some would call it "politeness") has its place.

This morning, I walked into the lobby of my office building and saw a notice posted on the wall that the building would be closed December 24th and 25th.  When I asked the doormen why the building was going to be closed on Friday, they looked at each other, smiled and said, "Because that's OUR holiday!"

The message was obvious to me, and hit me like a ballbat between the eyes.  Funny thing is, even though there's a mezuzah on our doorway, I'm not Jewish; they just assumed.  But it didn't really matter what I was -- if anything.  Someone else's religious beliefs negatively inpacted my life.  In fact, I had to cancel scheduled appointments with clients.

It may be wrong to try to force everybody into the same vanilla mold in the name of equality.  It's just as wrong to disregard the differences among people.  Would be that we could wish everyone a  joyous observance of their own religious holiday, be it Hannukah, Christmas, Yule, or Ramadan; it's just that you just can't clearly tell a Hebrew from a Christian from a Pagan from a Muslim anymore.  (Tags on the clothing are not an option.)  "Happy Holidays" works just fine.  

I've seen a lot of rants recently railing against the use of "Happy Holidays."  That greeting has been around for ages; I've used it for years and continue to use it.  Who can really be offended by the phrase?  It's a simple, heartfelt wish of joy that recognizes the diversity of faith in our culture.  This small consideration to others (not knowing their beliefs) has cost me nothing.  

Now, it seems the fad is, "I have a right to tell you Merry Christmas, and if you don't like it -- too bad!"  Presuming everyone will just have to learn to revel in the "delights" of the dominant religion is just plain rude.  Since when has crass inconsideration of others beliefs become an American Virtue?  Or is this a corrollary of the recent culture of swagger, bluster and blow that has made our nation the pariah of all civilized nations?  Our country was founded by diverse people on the liberal ideals of the Enlightenment -- the "Grand Experiment"; I really fear for our society when it becomes respectable to go out of one's way to be disrepectful to those who are different.

Incidentally, Pagans have been decorating Yule trees since long before Jesus was born.  And so, on this day of the winter solstice, I wish you all a Happy Yule.  But only if you're pagan.  For everyone else, I wish you a Happy Holiday Season.  Really, I do.

-- Kris


People do have the right to say Merry Christmas, just as they have the right to say any other phrase they wish to. And the recieving person of that greeting has the right to dislike it and voice such oppinion. And the giver of rejected greeting has a right to say "if you don't like it TOO BAD."

You have the right to post how you feel about this post as I have the right to respond. What I was trying to get at and what I think John is saying is our rights are being trampled on by others that don't like it, instead of supporting everyones right to disagree and possibly hurt feelings. As far as hurt feelings all I can say is grow up. Have we all become so soft that a few words and actions permanantly damage you? Perhaps it's the product of being raised in an overly protective home. Not allowed to watch violence and such on Television. Is that a good thing? Who am I to judge? Am I getting off subject and ranting? I think so.

I may not like what you say, but I will stand up for your right to say it.


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