So what did hit the Pentagon?

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This is some disturbing stuff on the plane stike on the pentagon.
It asks where is the wreckage from a 80 ton 757.

Thought provoking.

I've seen similar things before.  I'm no conspiracy buff, but... where are the wings in that pic taken minutes after? They should have shorn off. Where's the debris, the luggage, the seats, and all the other stuff you see when a plane goes down?

The two planes that hit the Towers didn't go through them. How did this one go through five of the Pentagon's "wings"?


I was able to find some additional images that may be very enlightening. Here are before and after Pentagon images - they are large and detailed, so have a good look for yourself.

One week Before the "Plane" crash
The Day After the "Plane" Crash
A few Months Later you see MAJOR renovation done

I've looked hard to see anything that a layman could call PLANE debre, but of course I cannot. You decide.

IHMO:  just guessing, that ensueing fire may have melted or vaporized any metal and or luggage?????? And may have cremated any human remains?????  I know certian metals burn with a great heat, along with the fuel and other flamiables the fire may have been close to a couple thousand degrees
JUST A GUESS.  I too wonder what really happened.

Horns Pure Honey:
The pentagon was bot made like the twin towers. The beems used for the towers are much thicker to hold all of its wheight above it. The pentagon is only 2 storries, right? Plus when you are landing a plane you are moving quite quickly. Think about it as if you are running down a hill and hitting a wall, you move alot more quickly running down a hill than straight across a flat feild.  Since the planes had just left the air port not to long ago they should had been alomost full on fuel and when it crashed it vaporized everyone and thing in it. It really dosnt take that much to make something burn that hot. It is like are smokers, alot of pumping can make them burn very hot with a flame, now add thousands of gallons of gas. Metal burns at a few thousand degrees, chair frames and luggage and human bodies and even plane frames have no chance against that heat, the lighter they make em the quicker they burn. And most plane crashes we see they hit a feild or water thus skipping things across the ground lick a rock on water. Hope this helps a bit, bye


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